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\/ w4rri0r \/Hacking is not a crime - It's an art of Awareness. \/ w4rri0r mission \/ is to make the information systems more secure, more aware, more reliable and protect against possible security breaches.

\/ w4rri0r \/ internationally recognized as a Security Researcher or White-Hat Hacker and Hall of Fame by Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, AppleRedHat, AT&T, Adobe, PayPal, Yandex, eBay, Deutsche TelekomBarracuda Networks, Nokia Siemens Network, Tuenti, Opera, BlackBerry, Nokia, SpotifyZynga, Netflix, iFixit, Basecamp, SoundCloudConstant Contact, Xmarks, LaunchKey, Zendesk and we are currently building \/ w4rri0r group \/ and inviting to join worldwide Security Researchers and Professionals. If you think you can contribute anything for \/ w4rri0r group \/ you are heartily invited and we'll give credit for your contribution and is greatly appreciated. [Launching soon]

If you have any questions, ideas, suggestions or contributions please do not hesitate to contact @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and will respond you within 24 hours.

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Inj3ct0r / 1337day - Archive of exploits and vulnerable software

The ultimate archive of exploits and vulnerable software and a great resource for vulnerability researchers and security professionals. Inj3t0r aim is to collect exploits from submit tals and various mailing lists and concentrate them in one, easy to navigate database. 

1337day - The Underground, is one of the world's most popular and comprehensive computer security web sites.

This site is visited by home and enterprise users, universities, government and military institutions on a daily basis. 1337day are comprised of security professionals that are dedicated to provide necessary information to secure application software. 1337day staff accomplish this goal by publishing new security advisories on the internet. 1337day staff is made up of a group of highly skilled professionals, all directly engaged in the technical computer and software security arenas.

Inj3ct0r provides useful information to people who perform penetration testing, IDS signature development, and exploit research. This project was created to provide information on exploit techniques and to create a useful resource for exploit developers and security professionals. The tools and information on this site are provided for legal security research and testing purposes only. 

For the first time the idea of creating 1337day project appeared on 13 May 2008. The project is devoted to computer security, protection and hacking of computer networks, software and information.

1337day site, which is a regularly updated database with descriptions of the vulnerabilities and exploit the various software products. The base is divided into sections by type of exploit: local, remote, DoS, etc. Also presented to the division on the platform: BSD, Linux, QNX, OSX, Solaris, Unix, Windows and so on.

Latest exploits are designed to exploit newly discovered critical vulnerabilities. This project is designed to receive, deposit and exchange of information between the parties, which are thematically linked to computer activities. One of the priorities is the creation of a unified knowledge base for people interested in the subject, one way or another connected with the computer: be it software or programming languages, network protocols, or security network resources and hardware - all this we seek to explain on the project.

Inj3ct0r Team

Inj3ct0r (founder r0073r) is a group of hacktivists. Inj3ct0r Team was originally founded in 2003, by a hacker computer enthusiast. Domain was registered in 2008. The enormous database, the constant updates, the unique nature of the content published. :) 

New Inj3ct0r Domain:

Inj3ct0r Operators: Name - Specialty

  • r0073r -  Owner :)
  • Keystr0ke  - Milw0rm Owner
  • r4dc0re - Curator Exploit DataBase
  • Kingcope - Curator Exploit DataBase
  • CrosS - IRC Administrator


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CORE Impact Professional

Logo Core ImpactCORE Impact Professional is the most comprehensive software solution for assessing and testing security vulnerabilities throughout your organization.



IBM Security AppScan

Logo IBM Rational AppScanIBM Rational AppScan Enterprise is a scalable solution to help resolve application security vulnerabilities, offering recommendations to simplify remediation.



HP WebInspect

Logo - HP WebInspectHP WebInspect gives security professionals and security novices alike the power and knowledge to quickly identify and validate critical, high-risk security vulnerabilities.



Acunetix WVS

logo acunetix web application securityAcunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner (WVS) is an automated web application security testing tool that audits web applications by checking for hacking vulnerabilities. 



w4rri0r - Hacking Is Not A Crime - It's an art of Awareness

\/ w4rri0r - Hacking Is Not A Crime - It's an art of Awareness \/ -  w4rri0r work in the dark, w4rri0r do what w4rri0r can, w4rri0r give what w4rri0r have, w4rri0r doubt is w4rri0r passion and w4rri0r passion is w4rri0r task. The rest is the madness of art \/ w4rri0r \/ 

\/ \/ are the great resource for information security professionals and researcher. \/ w4rri0r \/ offers a extensive variation of information security services that include SECURITY EXPLOITS (Bug or Vulnerability), SECURITY ADVISORIES (Security Alerts), SECURITY RESEARCHER TOOLBOX (Freeware, Shareware & Open-Source), SHELLCODE (Attacker Controller - Chunk of Data), SECURITY TRAINING (Educational Purpose), SECURITY NEWS (Security Recent or Important Events) and with this group you can be assured that you’re in the right hands. \/ w4rri0r gr0up \/  efforts being endorsed and appreciated by administrators, security researchers and members of various underground hacking groups and communities worldwide.

\/ w4rri0r mission \/ are to make the information systems more secure, more aware, more reliable and protect against possible security breaches.