Security Practical Challenges - Preinstalled and Prepared

List of preinstalled and prepared [ready to use] ISO images or virtual machines (VMs) that contain one or multiple vulnerable web applications for penetration and security testing.


  1. BadStore (ISO): (download - registration required)

  2. OWASP BWA - Broken Web Applications Project (VMware - list): (download)

  3. Drunk Admin Web Hacking Challenge (VMware): (download)

  4. Vuln Web App (VMware): (download)

  5. GameOver (VMware): (download)

  6. Hackxor (VMware): (download) (hints&tips)

  7. Hacme Bank Prebuilt VM (VMware): (download)

  8. Kioptrix4 (VMware & Hyper-V): (download)

  9. LAMPSecurity (VMware): (download) (doc)

  10. Metasploitable (VMware): (download - torrent) (doc)

  11. Metasploitable 2 (VMware): (download)

  12. Moth (VMware): (download)

  13. PHDays I-Bank (VMware): (download)

  14. Samurai WTF (ISO - list): (download)

  15. Sauron (Quemu) [Spanish]: (solutions)

  16. UltimateLAMP (VMware - list): (download)

  17. Virtual Hacking Lab (ZIP): (download)

  18. Web Security Dojo (VMware, VirtualBox - list): (download)

If you required any more information and help about any application please mail @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.