Hakin9 Magazine

Hakin9 is a magazine about the best technical solutions and latest trends in IT security and Insecurity. The articles publish are written by specialists who put theory into practice and show how to gain hakin9 skills. They are people from all over the world who are: companies managers, hackers, evangelists, companies specialized in IT protection.

First issue was published on the European market in 2005 but the magazine quickly gained its popularity on the American, Australian and English markets. Nowadays, Hakin9 is available online while its print version is only licensed in Africa and India.

Hakin9 appears in five versions:

  1. Hakin9, editor: Estera Godlewska"Hakin9 is usually dedicated to a certain theme and is published at the beginning of every month. Inside you will find top trends in tools and techniques used to secure your system better. It focuses on defense and prevention methods, but also discusses ways of enhancing tools already available and how to use them to break into other computer systems, thus making it a versatile and informative publication."
  2. Hakin9 Extra, editor: Jakub Walczak- "Hakin9 Extra is a child in Hakin9 family; the magazine is issued monthly and is totally devoted to a single topic. The thematic scope is extremely huge. So far, we have published on: Data Recovery, Honeypots, Botnets, Adobe Security, Cloud Forensics and many more. We strive to make each and every issue as a sort of the ultimate guide to…, where a certain point is presented from totally different perspectives and approaches to the problem/solution are also varied. Each month, we grow in power in order to deliver you the highest quality content, we are looking forward to what the future has in store for us!"
  3. Hakin9 Exploiting Software, editor: Krzysztof Samborski- "Exploiting Software Hakin9 is a magazine devoted to the techniques of exploiting and protecting software. It covers a wide range of topics concerning buffer overflow, shellcode, malware, rootkits and reverse engineering. You will read about the latest techniques of exploiting client software and penetration testing tools. The articles are based on the authors’ genuine experiments. You can follow their experience and try your own exploits…”
  4. Hakin9 OnDemand, editor:  Ewa Duranc - "Hakin9 OnDemand is the youngest among the magazines available on our website. The content of the magazine is consulted and agreed on with our readers who are always highly qualified experts in the field of IT Security and whose professional tutorials can be found in Hakin9 OnDemand. Every issue of the magazine supplies its readers with a number of various “step-by-step” articles, which help them to apply the gained knowledge into practice."
  5. Hakin9 Open, editor: Oleksandr Bevz - "Hakin9 Open is our newest project. No specific topic, but only the latest trends! No charges, but only the first class Hakin9 tutorials! The main reason it was created was to fulfil the demand of those readers who do not look for anything in specific, but are rather willing to get the latest updates in IT security in general. It will give you a hint what you can find in our other Hakin9 magazines. It will cost you exactly 0 USD but you will get exclusive Hakin9 articles. Take a look at it to find out what it is like to be in Hakin9 family.


Website: www.hakin9.org 

Orientation: Hackers and Security Professionals

Frequency: Monthly 

Price: Paid