Mailinator - Disposable Email Address Service

Mailinator is a free, disposable email service for everyone who wants to protect their identity in blogs, forum and social media. The idea is to let a user create a new e-mail address on the fly, whenever needed, for instance while filling a form on a web site.

Mailinator will accept mail for any e-mail address within the domain, and allows anyone to read it. There is no need to register for an account or authenticate via a password. It is intended to provide users with an anonymous and temporary e-mail address to help reduce Inbox spam.


  1. Mailinator addresses are ultimately easy to use
  2. No connection to your real email address
  3. Mailinator can be used with a number of domain names (should be blocked)


  1. Mailinator is useful only when you don't really want to get mail
  2. All Mailinator mail is public, keep that in mind



Mailinator takes throwaway email address a step further: all addresses are in fact thrownaway addresses.

You can use any address you like to sign up for web sites, to post to board and other occasions where you need an email address (maybe to receive a password) quickly, but don't want to give your real address. Since Mailinator addresses have no connection to your real address at all, there's no risk of getting spam from using a Mailinator address.

Picking up mail sent to your made-up address is easy: log in at Mailinator with the email address. Since everybody can do this without a password, Mailinator is useful only when you don't really want to communicate.

Mailinator is email addresses thrown away into the public space.


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